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1000 days needed to build a reputable business and to sustain that status is a lifelong organised process. Require trade knowledge, innovative vision, appropriate location, polite work culture, quality tools, superior management, infinite communication, keeping promises, convenient services, sound associations, smart promotions and systematic bookkeeping.


40,000 Crore Diagnostic Industry and growing at 15% annually.

  • India has over 100,000 Diagnostic laboratories
  • Pathology labs represent around 70% of the total Diagnostic business
  • Unorganized players dominate 85-90% of the industry (This will reduce as the Law get stricken with Standardize Practice protocol)
  • Diagnostic corporations acquire 20% market share and mounting rapidly
  • 25-30% uncommon Test business diverted from small & mid size to giant players
  • 250 Million internet users in India and growing at rate of 20% every year

Existing Trade

Most part ill Patients with single visit without formulating tracing link to follow-up for further loyalty, few regulars who repeat off and on for chronic treatment. This traffic will always be present and can be improved with Standardize Data medium programs.

Changing trend

Fitness is a day-to-day task for good mass of our culture and growing with wellbeing awareness, it can be medical, professional, personal or all. Healthy being is a new Mantra and a social status in upscale & modern society in India. Presently 10 crore literate individuals can afford anything and also there are 20 crore more wealthy people who can afford almost anything. New aged Indians craving for quality products and services and this is your 25% extensive opportunity for growth if equipped adequately.

Competition & Challenges

There are 5 giant organised Diagnostic corporations in business and expanding rapidly. Currently they acquire 20% market share and spreading everywhere strength by strength with organised business setup, includes broad controlled office, marketing strategy, established contacts, sales squad, IT team, updated Lab equipments and finance power.

Most noble professional are more on a responsive side and less on commerce, it takes extra toil on their everyday practice, it is virtually impossible to advance business with limited recourses to compete with big players in the present Diagnostic trade.

Indian Online Users

Internet Users User Growth New Users Population Population Change Internet Penetration Sharing World Population Global Internet Share Global internet using Rank
25 crore 14% 3 crore 126 crore 1.22% 20% 17% 8.33% 3rd

Above chart statistics project 100 new internet users every minute in India. No business can prolong without digitalized penetration in the next 2-3 years if these numbers progress the way it is.

Standardization in medical practice is an utmost important factor and quality digitalization is a key for Standardize outcome. The chart suggests in coming years, 50% electro-breed generations' of Patients & Doctors will demand Online Reporting for convenience, accuracy and logical exchange.

United Logic

You do what you do the best; Noble practice. We will equip you with every resource to excel your commerce, we want you to compete and win. Logic is simple; we can’t win without you winning.

Company would like to partner with small to midsize qualified Labs which fits our programming criteria in a demographical selected area (no enrolment programs for your overlapping neighbouring Labs). Our unique Partnering programs with hybrid system will provide your Lab a prominent recognition in surrounding Healthcare community for referrals.

NobleGears™ offers up-to-date software & upgrades to keep Lab current all the time with global Diagnostic activities & norms, single point instant Contact for Software maintenance & system operational support, provides SMS & emails facilities for notification purpose to your Client, Associates & Doctors, extensive Accounting segment for faultless exchange, Server space for all your Data preservation as well as Online display for connected entities Reports and all angle Marketing demonstration to generate new lead to accelerate business.

AMDEES’ has invested great size of time & funds to accomplish the level of depth required for this project. We are here to stay; we prioritize our obligation to deliver what we have promised.


Entire concept is for all of us to grow in a noble manner to justify Patient’s quality caring & convenience at a personal level. United power needs to expand to carry on programs.

  • Once established, we will enrol Physician in the group for Online requisition and also target those who value Online Reporting
  • 24 hours Call Centre for phone order (At AMDEES premises)
  • Sample pick-up
  • Online order & Payment
  • Corporate Orders
  • Insurance Collaboration
  • Bulk purchasing & credits
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